Hongkong 2011: Day 2

Our second day in Hongkong was all about City Tour + some shopping. Afternoon was actually our free time and so we decided to do some shopping. Dad was still feeling sick, so he couldn't enjoy that much. We went to Tsim Sha Tsui and we ate at the Silvercord Mall's foodcourt. My cousins told me about this really good pepper steak restaurant there and so we decided to try it out. Talk about taking a break from Chinese cuisine :p hahaha and it was good. I guess its pretty much like Sizzling Pepper Steak BUT more "PEPPERY" hahaha =)) but it taste goooood!

AND OFCOURSEEEEEE.  if you're in HongKong: "Thou shall not miss shopping in H&M" hahahah kidding aside. but seriously it's a must! H&M's located on the same mall where we ate so i went straight after eating hahaha. It's a 3 floor H&M outlet, who wouldn't be tempted to come in hahaha. It's sad they had winter collection this season, which means thick FUR and leather so minus choices for me. :| So i picked out some clothes and a bag which happen to be my favorite bag color,and my DSLR fits on it, it has a long strap, it's probably also good for school. nuff said. I just love it. what's funny is i saw the bag when i was already next in line at the cashier lol don't care, i went back, grabbed the bag and lined again HAHAHA.
 After that, we rode the MTR station to Mongkok.

Mongkok is one of the most crowded part of Hong Kong. I think it is probably because Mongkok is pretty much a one stop shop. From branded clothes and shoes, electronic devices, "tiangge" at the ladies market (which btw if you're going there you must be a smart shopper! learn how to bargain! because something priced over 500HK$ could go as low as 100something hahaha)
 There are also street food everywhere. I tried this thing idk what it's called but it taste like fish/squid balls. But a little bit spicy :) As far i can remember it was sold at 6$ for 10 balls.
Also, milk tea's and fruit drinks are everywhere. I bought this one in particular when we were at mongkok. Their bestseller was mango flavored with some jelly at the bottom :)))) I remember it was around 22-26$ per cup! :)
We were suppose to go at the Temple Street Night Market after Mongkok but we were so tired from walking already so we went back to the hotel through the MTR. We got lost after going down the station HAHAHA! But thank god we managed to get back to hotel safe. Talk about adventure ;) 

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