The Great Escape

Ni hao! As you all know i recently got back from a vacation with mom and dad.  We spent a few days out of the country and it was a wonderful experience. 

 It was actually my first time visiting Hongkong so i was pretty excited about it. I heard it was considered as the "shopping heaven" here on earth. We arrived Hongkong airport past 10am and after finishing all the formalities at the immigration the tourist bus picked us up. Mom and i managed to exchange some us dollar to Hk dollars before heading to the bus, which was actually a wrong move since the exchange rate at the hongkong airport was not a good deal. 

 Moving on, The tour bus dropped us at the hotel we're staying in. We didn't stay long since the bus is heading up to Ocean Park and we decided to tag along to save time since we're planning on going there n the afternoon anyways. So we checked-in the luggage and went back to the bus right away. 

Hongkong at first glance is beautiful. Unlike the Philippines, the discipline among their citizen can be seen. Though buildings dominate the place, It was very clean. 
More of the trip on the coming post! Wait for it! xoxo :)

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